GEOMETRY is an exhibition born from the collaboration between Elli Matzourani-Koutsoukeli (Greece) and Sophie Neury (France), recent MFA graduates from Edinburgh College of Art.

This new specific common project represents a continued exploration of each artist's personal practice, while giving them an opportunity to think and question the very nature of Art as it is established today.

Artists' previous collaborative experience which took placeduring a residency period at the John David Mooney Foundation in Chicago in March 2010 opened new perspectives in their practice that generated possibilities to take their thoughts and ideas further. The interdisciplinary and playful approach of their work led them to re-evaluate their individual practices to operate as a creative working platform.

Their diversified interests have as a common ground the examination of the ambient and spatial qualities of their close environment. Elli and Sophie question their own practice through the use of spatial combinative systems and the fusion between traditionally separate disciplines such as drawing and sculpture.

They hope that this exhibition will provide the viewer with new visual and perceptual surprises, and that the artistic dialogue will create bridges and paths between their different inspirational approaches.

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