Artist Statement 2010

   Through playing with the dual status of objects which are seen not only in their formal structure, but also in the diversity of interpretations that they trigger, I attempt to multiply layers of meaning in my work. The examination of the power of the language of objects, their spatial articulation and the way they can create new associations through metaphoric and symbolic systems are my main concern.The desire to question the self through the use of domestic objects we are all familiar with, that could increase the range of stories while resisting linear associations and narrative progressions remains at the centre of my practice.

 Whilst elaborating fictitious spaces, in addition to the "real one" (the exhibition space), I try to encourage the spectator to discover that the drama really revolves around him/herself. By taking into consideration the audience which is left to think about how the installation can make sense by questioning what they have to look at. I often use narration in order to assert the gap between what things appear to be and what they mean. By suggesting possible dialogues through the play of combinative systems, and the will not to enclose narration, I believe that the observer can always find his/her own narrative approach to the work related to their own subjective perception, even though I'd be delighted to blur the boundaries of interpretation.

 I intend to add a more physical meaning to my personal iconography, deeply linked to the body through the use of mattresses in affirming and claiming their previous specific references, often linked to the ideas of sleep and death. It allows me to add other realms and raise primitive/subconscious issues such as intimacy, sexuality, dreams and reality in questioning our life habits and making them the conceptual point of departure.This also allows me to develop an awareness of the daily life manifestations and their possible place in my work; the need to scrutinize and understand the mechanisms of its intrusion.