Geometry of Soul

John David Mooney Foundation,

114 West Kinzie Street, Chicago,

March 19-21st / 10-7pm.


     Geometry of soul is an exhibition born from the collaboration between Elli Matzourani-  Koutsoukeli (Greece, born in 1984) and Sophie Neury (France, born in 1983) during a residency period at the John David Mooney Foundation in Chicago in March 2010.

The displayed photographs and installations represent a continued exploration of each artist's personal practice, whilst making some reference to the new, temporary surroundings.

Sophie Neury's work uses installation, ready-made, cast and screen printing to play with the dual status of objects which are seen not only in their formal structure, but also in the diversity of interpretations that they trigger.

For Untitled, a site-specific installation, she decided to display materials that previous artists left in the studio's space. Being disconnected from her usual studio surroundings allowed her to question the artist studio based practice. Through the examination of found objects, their spatial articulation and the way they can create new associations in suggesting possible dialogues, she likes to believe that the observer can always find his/her own narrative approach to the work related to their own subjective perception.

Flag is made with recurrent and new materials experiments generated by the collaboration with the other artist while referring to the present surroundings.

Elli Matzourani -Koutsoukeli's multi-disciplinary practice uses drawing, photography, sculpture and installation to investigate the limits between representational and non representational. She oscillates between order and disorder, form and formless, logic and the refusal of any form of logic.

For this exhibition, inspired by the city of Chicago, she made a large scale mural drawing and an installation of 25 photographs. Both works articulate Elli's artistic response to our contemporary technologically saturated culture, showing her interest in indeterminacy, in the irrational, and in the uncanny. Their strong physical presence, their theatricality and their repetitive optical rhythms attract the viewer who wants to get lost observing them without seeking specific identification. They stand, as the rest of her work does, in between eligibility and incomprehension.

The artists would like to thank John David Mooney and Barbara Jones for all their support.

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