Artist Statement 2009

   I started to develop work with opened/closed spaces such as cages or rails after a visit to the Edinburgh Zoo. Indeed, it was winter time; the weather conditions were really bad so I was looking for animals in huge empty cages. I wondered if the Zoo's artificial world could really mislead animals and I started to question the relationship between art and the viewer in a parallel way: can't we see in some museum masterpieces the same theatrical phenomenon through an art "mise en scene"? Nowadays Leonardo Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" is behind a display box as an animal scrutinized by cultural predators.

Important societal issues such as slavery, captivity, human and animal rights are hidden in my installations which remain optimist and always offer the possibility to escape, however, speaking about or showing closed spaces is deeply linked to forms of mistreatment and I like to think that these themes could appear through atmospheric installations and pass through the bars of the cage.

There is a narrow dividing line between the occupants of a cage and those on the exterior that my work tries to highlight through the play of 'who is who?' within the use of mirrors and  gravity as tools to introduce a menace. Natural and timeless materials such as straw, wood, clay, ropes in addition to photographs or screen prints remain witnesses and actors of this spatial dialogue.